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Senior PaperTomhave 8

One thing that is not often remembered is that, though computer technology is new to

us as adults, it is already old to children. We must, then, learn to think outside the box,

taking an approach that can not only bridge the gap between business and

technology, but also accommodate future generations that comes to the table with a

much better understanding of technology. Using the horse metaphor, this solution

equates to teaching the horse how to use the water.

The final solution is based on the business/management concept of continuous

improvement. Because technology is changing so rapidly, so must administrators and

security professionals. As a result, if there is not an inherent process in the system that

allows for continuous training and improvement so as to keep current with

developments in system and network security, a system will quickly become insecure

as new methods of hacking and attacking become available. Education, whether it be

initial or continuous improvement, is vital to the survival of the business and the

technologist. One cannot stand still and expect progress to halt. Instead, as the

industry evolves to higher levels of ingenuity, so must we evolve, too, in order to retain

that solid foundation of information.

It should be noted, before progressing to details about each solution, that simply

employing one of these solutions will not improve security for systems and networks.

Instead, all three solutions must be implemented simultaneously over a period of time.

As with most situations, each solution leaves room for improvement. In fact, this is why

continuous improvement is one of the keys to improving security. Without building in

the ability to go back and reform and improve processes, there is really no way to keep

up with technological advances. Also, because generations are becoming

increasingly adept with technology, it is necessary to evolve the solutions to better fit

new situations as they arise. That being said, let's look in detail at each of the

proposed solutions.