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Senior Paper
Tomhave 1


This paper is the culmination of five years of study in Computer Science. It is

also much more than that. I have been raised almost completely in the

computer/information age. Starting with a Franklin 64 in 1st grade, my interest in

computers has grown immensely over the years. But there is more than just

computing experience contributing to this cause. I have also been raised by an

educator. As such, I am fairly well informed on issues in American education. I was in

school serving on a committee when America 2000 was launched. I later followed the

project as it entered the Clinton Administration and became Goals 2000. Being aware

of and involved with education so intimately has given me a unique perspective.

The thoughts represented by this paper are primarily my own. The combination

of these thoughts is definitely my doing. My hope is that my perspective will challenge

existing norms and spur people to reform the system as we know it. At the same time,

a measure of common sense must be exercised in order to maintain and improve

quality. The goal of reform is to improve, not just change. Too often education gives in

to fads that do nothing for quality, but do much in removing stability. Though stability

must be shaken when trying to reform and improve, the key is still to improve. Also,

once reform is enacted, it should continue. Life may be finite for each individual, but

we must remember the generations yet to come and build a framework that will

improve with and for them.

Finally, I want to thank my father for exposing me to education in a way that

most people would understand or appreciate. Educators work very hard for little

return. Thank you, also, to all those who have contributed to my education. Without

you I wouldn't be writing this paper today. Thank you and enjoy!

Soli Deo Gloria