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Senior PaperTomhave 18

the quick fix and do not fully understand or comprehend what they are doing or why

they are doing it. At the same time, the business is pushing to utilize new

technologies, such as the Internet, for commerce, requiring administrators to deal with

new problems. Clearly, a vicious circle is seen forming as administrators rush to get

another quick fix and hackers continually foil these slap-together approaches. Instead,

a measure of complete security, where a system is designed with security in mind from

the beginning, is necessary. Combined with that is the need for people to bridge the

gap between the business and technology helping the business create realistic

objectives utilizing technology and assisting technologists in understanding those

objectives and working to achieve them. Only through the development of strong

communication skills and the adherence of cross-subject education will these barrier

be effectively lessened in order to help all sides understand situations and work

together to form creative solutions. In the end, though, the responsibility still falls to the

primary system of development -- the educational system. Until education has been

sufficiently reformed so as to help students develop the necessary skills to survive as

the business or the technologist, the system will continue to fail. However, once the

changes have been exacted, success will be grasped and evolution will begin anew.

At this point in time security will cease to be a concern and begin to be a concept

inherent to life itself.