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Senior PaperTomhave 12

The next task of education is to teach about resources. An intelligent person

does not just know what they know, but they also know what they do not know and

know how to fill in those gaps. By teaching about resources at a lower level, students

begin to learn how to do things such as networking. But, first, let's define what a

resource is. For the purposes of this paper, a resource is any person, reference, tool,

etc., that can be used to assist in learning, problem-solving, etc. Thus, students must

first learn how to identify and make use of resources. Once this is done, the next step

is learning how to network. What is networking? Networking is making use of human

capital and knowledge exchange. Human capital is simply educated people in

society. Knowledge exchange is the action of imparting information and knowledge

from one person to another. Thus, networking is one person identifying another

person as a source of information and knowledge, interacting with that person, and

thus improving their own knowledge. Along with this idea is, again, the ability to

identify those things that you do not know and figuring out how to learn those things. A

good slogan to accompany this whole facet is "Observe, Think, Feel -- Then Act!"What

this slogan implies is that first one should observe a situation, then they should

analyze the situation, then they should confirm the sense of the situation, which is akin

to testing the waters. Finally, once full analysis is complete and the waters have been

tested, action should come.

What all these items build to is the ability to create resources. Once a person is

able to identify resources and network to build on their own knowledge, they then can

work to form a resource base. A resource base means that, even if you don't know

something and someone you know doesn't know it either, there is a high level of

probability that says that one of the people you know will know someone who does

possess the information/knowledge that you are seeking. In actuality, this technique is

almost socialist in nature in that you learn to rely on your community to help you solve