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Senior PaperTomhave 16

must come the shift away from Reading and Writing to Communication. By making

what seems to be a simple change, we will actually see startling results. I believe that

students will be better able to express themselves, address problems and produce

solutions. Again, by creating a hybridization from what have been separated subjects

in the past, I believe that we will see a remarkable improvement from students who will

see the inherent value in learning how to communicate well and effectively.

Penultimately, we must employ processes that will allow us to continually

improve upon these solutions. From a business perspective, this part corresponds to

business process redesign and total quality management. From an educational

perspective, we are simply looking at ways to measure performance and to improve

the system so as to improve performance. In the business world, Demming has stated

that poor performance is not the result of the worker, but of the system. So it is in

education, too. While other countries push their students harder, and continually work

to improve their educational systems, we sit back and point the finger at students and

blame them for not working hard enough. However, as can be seen in the security

arena, the problem really lies in the system in that system administrators have not

been taught how to learn and adapt. Furthermore, they do not understand problems

as they occur and are thus unable to produce solutions. What is even more

problematic is the lack of desire on the part of users and administrators to learn why

problems have occurred and why certain solutions should be employed. As a result,

the same errors keep happening over and over again. This is why "How-to" books

must be replaced with "How-come" books. At the same time, students must be taught

that they need to know "How-come" instead of "How-to."Thus, we see the common

ground between the first two solutions. Similarly, continuous improvement has been

mentioned throughout this paper in terms of the other two proposed solutions. Why?

Because there is an inherent need to improve and evolve because technology is