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as secure HTTP and cryptographic file systems."When all is said and done, the

system that is built with security in mind from the beginning will end up being radically

more secure than a system that is retrofitted with security functionality.

Related to this whole idea of changing thinking about security then comes the

need to change relationships. For starters, there is a significant need for people who

have already developed the background and life-long skills who can bridge the gap

between the business and the bit-heads. This idea is revolutionary for several

reasons. First, Information Technology (IT) used to operate according to the "the

business makes a decision and the bit-heads scramble to make it work" principle.

What this statement means is that nobody bothered to work with the business to help

them define ways in which to utilize technology in order to improve the business.

Likewise, nobody worked with the technologists to help them understand why certain

business practices existed or how to improve their processes so as to be better

aligned with the business. However, someone with strong communication skills and a

good technical understanding can now stand between the business and the

technologists and serve the roles mentioned above.

Along with the idea of bridging the gap comes the need to narrow the gap

between business and technology. This facet can be demonstrated in two specific

areas: sharing resources and making decisions in education. First, there is no need

for the business and the technologists to isolate themselves and their resources from

each other. On the contrary, by making resources available to each other, the overall

resource base will grow immensely, and thus provide much more knowledge for

producing solutions. Similarly, by working together in identifying strengths and

weaknesses, each side can get a better feel for the other side and work to strengthen

education as a whole. Commensurate with this whole concept is a movement away

from the "Us vs. Them" paradigm. Instead, the new paradigm is one of solidarity