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between the business and the technologists. At the same time, each side (and,

indeed, those bridging the gap) should look for opportunities to form unique

partnerships that will enhance the resource base, provide new perspective, and further

enrich the business. In terms of security, this amounts to never standing in one place

or settling for a solution. Instead, it means being on the constant look-out for new

opportunities and advances in an effort to continually improve the system and network.

Again, we find ties to continuous improvement that significantly enhance the overall

situation. Part of this continuous improvement comes the need to assess "Cost vs.

Risk" and "Cost vs. Investment."Of course, each side will have its own opinions on

what is a cost and what is a risk or investment. However, by narrowing the gap and

having others bridging the gap, hopefully the business and the bit-heads will be able

to reach a consensus that will improve the overall system.

The overriding theme in the education solution is to change education.

Education must move away from subject segregation towards a more a "Liberal Arts"

approach that integrates Communication with Math and the Sciences. At the same

time, critical and structured thinking needs to be applied to Reading and Grammar. In

the end, the largest change that must come is in setting higher objectives. Why settle

for the current norm? Why not strive to teach Calculus and Computer Science in the

elementary school? Though there may be reasonable reasons for not doing so, we

should still challenge existing norms, pushing the limits as far as they possibly can go.

We already know that children are much better at mastering languages than when

they are older. Why not try the same principle with other subjects? At the same time,

there needs to be a shift from rote learning to real learning. Instead of concentrating

on memorizing concepts in Mathematics, students need to learn and understand these

concepts. In so doing, they are strengthening their base and preparing themselves for

greater challenges in life. Paired with this movement toward combinatory education