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business such as Target record all the products that are purchased, when those

products are purchased, at what price, in conjunction with which other products, etc.,

and use that information to develop analysis of trends in user consumption. As a

result, prices and sales can be modified accordingly to better entice users to stores

while maximizing profits.

But just having this sort of information is not terribly worthwhile. Along with

providing new technologies that help collect and analyze data comes the need for

people to understand what the information and analysis says. Thus, combined with

the need for better communication skills and methods comes the need to teach how to

then make use of information as it is received through various means. Pulling all these

aspects together, then, we see a more complete picture of what it means to transform

information into knowledge. Transformation can only occur if communication skills

and methods are solid, if tools for extracting information and presenting it in useful

ways exist, and if users understand How's and the Whys and can then take the

information and transform it, or consume it. The combination of all these aspects result

in a large picture of taking information in and turning out useful, helpful knowledge that

is comprehended and utilized.

Underlying the ability to transform information into knowledge is education.

Education represents a vast ocean of ideas, objectives and tasks that need to be

manipulated in a coherent approach to dealing with life, problems and setbacks.

Furthermore, education equips a user to adapt to new situations, produce and apply

creative solutions to unique problems and to evolve. Without education, the user ends

up standing in one place while life flashes by at an increasingly dizzy pace, marked by

vast changes in technology and an increased rate of existence (referring to the

frenzied pace at which most people work these days).

The heart of the education problem is teaching the skills essential to survival.