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Huckabee Scares Me, and He Should Terrify You Too

I mentioned this earlier in my blogroll post on politics and economics, but Shawn provides a much more in-depth critique of how scary this Huckabee joker really is. I mean, it's not that I'm opposed to someone with religious convictions being president. It's just that when he argues that the US Constitution needs to be amended to align with a specific religion (in this case Christianity), then it becomes painfully clear that he simply does not get it. The whole point in the Constitution about freedom of religion is that the State should not be sponsoring/promoting one religion over another, specifically because this practice of having an official state religion caused many centuries of hardship in Europe. It's History 101, really, and it's apparently a subject that the ol' Huck-meister seems to have missed.

As if that weren't enough, check out his fantasy pipedream idea for immigration. It's really quite a lovely notion, don't you think? Sheesh...


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