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A Brief Political Roundup

Hey there, just want to post a few very, very brief thoughts on politics, mostly with links to Think Progress.

First off, Obama seems to have won the South Carolina primary, and quite handily. Woohoo! I'm still working my way through his book, The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream, but thus far I've liked what I see. We could definitely have much worse people in the White House.

Second, crybaby Bush has threatened to veto a 30-day extension to the amended FISA laws, which would technically be a win for him. Why? Well, because he's a wanker, naturally, but more on point, he wants to force the law to become permanent. As I've mentioned before, this law needs to be sent into exile, not lengthened, strengthened, or made permanent. Call your Senators today!

Third, it seems that El Presidente is also finding this whole "freedom of information" thing to be too hard for him to handle. So much for transparency in government. As such, he's trying to roll back decades of progress in transparent governance initiatives. Luckily, 1 year is unlikely to be enough time for him to make (more) progress, marking him down as an obstructionist more than anything else.

Last, I've mentioned before how scary I think Huckabee is. Well, as if you need more proof, let's add this little tidbit: he still thinks there are (or were) WMDs in Iraq. If we use Bush as a measure for presidential qualifications, then I suppose this immense degree of lunacy makes Huckabee eminently qualified. Umm... so, let's hope some other idiot gets the GOP nomination, not that the Huckster wouldn't be an easier foe to defeat.

So, there ya go, nice, simple and to the point!


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