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Trying a Thermogenic: Cytolean

I'm not a fan of better living through chemistry. In fact, I firmly believe in weight loss and muscle gain through proper diet and exercise. But here in the real world, with a full-time job that requires sitting at a desk for 8+ hours/day, it's darned near impossible to get activity levels to where they need to be, and as for eating a proper diet, well... let's just say I have some weaknesses that are hard to discipline out after a long day staring at a computer screen.

To that end, in an assault on my abs, obliques, and emerging double-chin, I've decided to give Cytolean a try (product info here and here). The product was recommended by the local Vitamin Shoppe manager, so I figured what the heck, I'll see how it goes for a week. There are a couple reviews here and here.

The two main things that I notice are feeling hyper/jittery today, and that my mental acuity is through the roof (one might link my multiple of blog posts today to this first course of chems). We'll see how it goes this week, and if I'm able to get some sleep. I also need to get my workouts going better. As noted here, I'm trying to pursue a fairly aggressive workout plan into the holidays. Thus far, my body has only been able to handle 4 out of the 6 planned workout days per week. I've simply been too sore from the combination of kettlebells and deadlifting (in fairness, Pavel says one should alternate these programs every 4-6 weeks, not every-other-day). After the holidays, I'll try to decide on whether to focus more on gym time, or on kettlebells. If I wasn't afraid to drop the KBs on the floor, I'd probably just push an aggressive KB program. However, 32kg of iron dropping on a wooden floor in a top-floor apartment problem isn't a good idea, so I tend to play it conservative. Anyway, we'll see what I'll think of next.

Hopefully this little chem program will help things out... I'm tired of busting my hump and not getting noticeable results in the key mid-section area. That's the one place where I want the the fat to burn off, and it's the one place where it's not budging. Hence my decision to try this stuff out. I'll report more as time goes on here...


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