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Fit By Christmas: An Attempt

Alrighty, folks, the holidays are coming up, and you know we're all dreading getting fat from the Christmas goose! :) In fact, if you're anything like me, you're probably already feeling a little heavy from Thanksgiving goodness, and you're really not looking forward to entering the new year feeling like you've just been fattened for market. My answer? Time to step up an aggressive workout routine! I've developed the following routine based on a combination of kettlebells and Pavel's "Power to the People" routine. Here's what I'm going to attempt through Friday, December 21st:

Day Workout Plan
Sunday: off (football!)
Monday: gym day - deadlift (2-3 sets of 5), side press (2-3 sets of 5), hard run
Tuesday: kettlebells (cardio day) - warmup, side & push press, 30-50 swings/side, 15-20 snatches/side, 3x15-20 pushups
Wednesday: gym day - deadlift, side press, light run
Thursday: kettlebells (core day) - Turkish getups (6 minutes), windmills, floor press (as possible), 3x10 pushups
Friday: gym day - deadlift, side press, moderate run
Saturday: kettlebells (maintenance day) - 20 swings/side, 10-15 snatches/side, presses to near burnout (not failure), 3x15 pushups (slow)

Performance Report to Date: I began this routine on Tuesday after cooking it up. Tuesday and Wednesday went fine, but today (Thursday) simply did not happen. I was rather sore from the deadlifts yesterday (it's been a while), and life got in the way. I will still do some kettlebell work here tonight, but it won't likely be the full kettlebell core workout. Tomorrow I plan to get back into the gym to run, assuming I can get out of the office a bit early.


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