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For Those In Need of Work...

In light of the fact that AOL is having an "event" starting today, I thought some folks out there might be interested in hearing what approach I used for finding a new job, since I just successfully completed that process recently.

There's really no voodoo magic to it - one just has to get one's resume out there. Some of the places where I posted my resume:
- my own personal web site (posted in HTML, Word, and PDF)
- Dice.com - a great source for tech jobs
- CareerBuilder.com - I received some interesting job queries from this source
- Monster.com - the firehouse approach to job seeking

In addition to these sites, there are also a number of other resources available. For example, somehow I got signed up for automatic job alerts from Think Energy Group. A job listing that I received within the past week was for a Security Analyst - a position closing Friday.

Some companies in the area that you might want to consider, as they seem to be doing well:
- The College Board: With offices in Reston, VA, and NYC, this non-profit is growing like crazy. They're the outfit behind the PSAT, SAT, and AP exams. Please contact me directly if you see a position there of interest as I can help get the resume fed in more effectively.
- BT INS: This is my present employer. We have offices are all over, with many telecommuting opportunities. We're always looking for talent tech consultants, security people, ethical hackers, etc. If you see something of interesting, please contact me directly to submit your resume.
- RSA: This security org has been going through changes and growth. They were acquired by EMC a couple years ago, but still seem to be an ok place to work. I know someone who works there, so if you're interested in applying, please contact me and I'll put you in touch with him.

Finally, there are the headhunters and recruiters. I have a very, very long list of them (all in email unfortunately, as my actual list seems to have disappeared). If you're finding yourself out of work or at a point where you'd like to look for a new gig, then please let me know and I can compile the list for you. I've seen positions from all over the place recently: federal government, government contracting, ITIL gigs, Perdue (the chicken people - out on the Eastern Shore), QiniteQ, and so on and so forth. There was a significant burst of activity in August that had me quite busy.

Above all else, my recommendations are:
1) Get your resume online in multiple places.
2) Make use of networking, through people you know (like me!), or through social networks, like LinkedIn.
3) Be open to different types of opportunities. Especially if you're finding yourself suddenly out of work (been there a half dozen times before... stupid tech industry...), don't lock into specific types of work too quickly. Don't limit yourself if you don't have to do so. You never know: you might just find a totally different job that's perfect for you!

Good luck on your quest! Feel free to ping me for more info, a list of headhunters, etc.


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