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Pardon My Harry Potter Hiatus

You'll have to forgive my lack of posts, I've been deeply ensconced in a very important endeavour: I've been trying to re-read the first 6 Harry Potter books before the new book comes out this weekend. Given that my wife will get first read of HP#7, I figure I have a little over a week left to get this done. I've thus far completed the first 2 books and am about a third of they way through the 3rd. Hmmm... If it comes down to packing for Europe and reading Harry Potter, I'm not actually sure which will take higher precedence... :)

Speaking of Harry Potter, we watched the latest HP movie last week at a midnight showing and it was pretty good. Obviously, much had to be trimmed from the 700+ page book, but it seemed to cover the story adequately. Once I finish re-reading the original six, I may come back and post commentary on the differences between the books and the movies... maybe... we'll see if time permits...


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