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Officially on the Pavel Bandwagon!

I've just finished my first official Pavel workout - and it rocked! I recently purchased three of his books (Power to the People! : Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American, The Naked Warrior, and Relax into Stretch : Instant Flexibility Through Mastering Muscle Tension), which arrived late last week.

I've now read through most of all three (well, ok, read Power, skimmed Naked Warrior and Relax). Last night I tried a few of the stretches in Relax and was quite pleased. Today I did the recommended Power 2-exercise program and felt great. I still have to work on form a bit more, but while practicing with my trainer buddy on deadlifts, I was able to put up 225 lbs without much trouble. I need to do a lot of work with the side presses, but then my upper body is behind my lower on strength.

Anyway, I highly recommended Pavel's works! The strength program, the bodyweight-only program (great for traveling!), the stretching, and - of course - the kettlebells! I do not have personal experience (yet) with KBs, but 2 friends are using them now and loving them. It's on my list for starting in the Fall. Get to it! Oh, and ladies -- Pavel's program provides real strength and toning without adding mass!


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