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Goat of the Week: Farhad Manjoo of Slate.com

Who? Farhad is a writer for Slate.com

Why? Because he's apparently a total moron.

Uh, why is that? Well, he had a piece published today, "Unchain the Office Computers! Why corporate IT should let us browse any way we want." that is so ill-conceived and imbecilic that nobody can actually believe this guy is a paid author for a major online publication.

What's the problem? There are several problems, but the most obvious one is that he's clearly unqualified for the topic. He apparently thinks end-users should have full unfettered access to run anything they want on their work computers, and to be able to go anywhere they want on the Internet. He clearly does not have the first clue about IT management and his article is a blatant insult not only to IT professionals, but security professionals.

Rather than rant a lot, check out these responses in the comments:
"Clueless Idiots Shouldn't Write IT Articles."
"You clearly have zero IT experience"


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