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Earmarks+Tax Breaks = Bailout Success

Our wonderful US Senate delighted constituents by ignoring their demands for opposition to the bailout package (you can call it a "rescue" if you want, but the bill is actually listed on the docket as a "bailout"). Why ever would these greedy, self-serving, ego-centric prats do such a thing? Might it be because of $110 billion in earmarks and tax credits (aka "pork" aka "self-serving crap") contained within the bill (see also here? Well of course it did, silly. These Senators weren't elected to serve their constituency, right? They're serving at the pleasure of fat-cat lobbyists and Wall Street. They're generally a bunch of wealthy old men who may or may not have worked an honest day's work in the last 30 years (politics is not an honest day's work).

American citizens: Call your US Representatives ASAP and demand that they vote NO on the ill-conceived bailout!

See here on why the bailout is such a bad idea:
John Cochrane on Why the Bailout Plan Would Be a Disaster


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