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Our Own Little Lady

I'm pleased to announce that Hanna is carrying a very healthy, active baby girl. Before I show you pictures from today's sonogram, I'd like direct your attention to the PayPal button at right, in case you'd like to make a donation to the cause. :)

A couple quick notes. First, white is generally bone, dark is generally liquid, and variations of gray in between are various degrees of soft tissue. Second, click on any image to see it full size. Third, we have a few name ideas, but haven't settled on one yet, but we'll be sure to tell you when we figure it out. :)

First up is Little Miss in profile. What a cutie! :)


Next up, we have two balled-up fists. Let's hope this isn't a sign of things to come (unless it means that she's really good at beating the boys up:).


And, lastly, one of my favorite pictures: her cute little foot.


For comparison, feel free to check out my original announcement with her as a itty bitty dot. :) She's certainly grown a lot since then! :)


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