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Going Big(ger): 32kg Russian Red Kettlebell

70lb-red.gifWell, I've decided it's time for an upgrade for my workouts. Swings with the 24kg (53lb) kettlebell have been feeling a bit easy lately. I've been able to do snatches easily with it, too. Turkish getups still give me a little challenge, but I'm consistently able to do a few reps per side with it. So, that means it's upgrade time! My first kb was a 16kg (35lb) Russian Red, which I really liked. For the 24kg, I went with the traditional black paint, which was fine, but honestly, not as enjoyable. As such, I've ordered a 32kg (70lb) Russian Red to add to my collection.

In addition to ordering a new kettlebell, I've also ordered the "Russian Kettlebell Challenge" DVD in order to better round out my workout routine. I'm looking forward to seeing some new exercises in video (since it's hard to read about the exercises and fully understand them).


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