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Another PR Day at the Gym!! :)

Just finished my weekend mostly-lower-body workout and am happy to report 3 new personal records -- w00t! :) This was also my last trainer-assisted workout until September, while I redirect the monies to another target (namely, our vacation to Europe).

Anyway, the PRs:
- Squats: 10 x 325 lbs (could have done more)
- Bench Press: 4 x 185 lbs
- Leg Press: 8-10 x 700 lbs (had minor assistance on the last 2 reps)

Overall, this is awesome! My leg strength and stability is finally returning to where it was before I broke my ankle in January 2006. Yes, it's really taken that long to get the stability and strength back. And, I have to say, the stability is the big piece. I think it's tightly coupled to my weekly upper-body workouts, too. My entire upper body is in much better shape today, and that's allowing me to hold the weight steady on the squats, in particular.

So, you might be wondering what this kind of weight looks like. Here's the layouts I had for each of the aforementioned sets:
- Squats: 3 plates per side plus a 5. Each plate is 45 lbs, and the bar is essentially 45 lbs. Thus, you have 6 x 45 + 5 x 2 + 45 = 325.
- Bench Press: 1 plate per side plus a quarter (25 lbs) plus the bar. Thus, you have 2 x 45 + 2 x 25 + 45 = 185.
- Leg Press: This one looks very cool! 7 plates plus a 35 on each side. Thus, you have 14 x 45 + 2 x 35 = 700. The sled itself probably has some weight, but we don't usually count it, because you're pushing on an angle (not straight up).

Pretty cool, eh? :)


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