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What Dobbs' Said

I find myself increasingly in agreement with Lou Dobbs' commentaries. No, I'm not always in agreement, such as on the immigration "problem." However, this piece is dead on.

Dobbs: 'Showdown' really a battle of partisan buffoons

Choice quotes:

This is the same Democratic-controlled Congress that millions of voters thought would be so vastly different from the last gaggle of partisan buffoons in the Republican-led 109th Congress. With almost 30,000 young Americans killed or wounded in Iraq, with a half-trillion dollars spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, this Congress can do no better than publicly fulminate in futility and bray endlessly without effect on the course and conduct of the war in Iraq. Is there no sense of proportion and higher purpose anywhere in Washington?

This is an excellent point. Where's the perspective? Where's the urgency in doing something meaningful? Sure, the President has been nothing but partisan during his time in office, but clearly the Democrats (for whom I voted!) have taken their election as an endorsement of further partisan politics. Hey, guess what? We sent you there to FIX the problem!

Is there not one decent, honest man or woman in either the House of Representatives or the Senate, in either party's leadership, who possesses the courage and the honesty to say, "Enough. The people who elected us deserve better"?

Amen. Seriously. No power corrupts like Washington, but this has to be a record for reaching complete dysfunction with a new class of politicos.

The White House is behaving with utter contempt for Congress and Congress is acting without respect or regard for this president. Could it be that, at long last, they're both right?

I thought these new Democrats were elected to restore some sort of decency to office? I could have sworn I read that somewhere. Guess not. It's amazing the impact this president has had in destroying the significance, honor, and respect of public service. Sheesh.


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