Turning to the Dark Side ;)

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Well, it's finally happened. I've finally given in to the dark side of the force. As of Monday (8/1), I'll be working for a vendor! :)

I've decided to leave Gemini Security Solutions to join LockPath - a next-generation GRC startup - as Principal Consultant, where I'll get to do all sorts of cool stuff. My responsibilities will vary widely, but will include writing, training, consulting, working with our professional services partners, and generally helping out with whatever is needed.

I've been friendly with LockPath for a couple years now. You might remember my blog post about them last October, titled "Not Your Mama's GRC." I am convinced that LockPath is the real deal. They've worked very diligently to address major deficiencies in the GRC platform space. And, best of all, they've come up with a great, flexible framework that provides a degree of extensibility that I've not seen in other products.

All told, this is a very exciting opportunity for me, and one that I hope to see through to tremendous growth and success. It's an opportunity to help redefine the GRC product space, while also furthering the development of and support for the imperative for organizations to have formal GRC programs. If pending legislation is any indicator, then the need for a formal GRC program is only going to increase, while downward pressures continue to contain costs. LockPath is well positioned to meet those needs.

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