A Couple (Brief) Political Quibbles...

If you don't care about politics, or other peoples' views on politics, please skip this post... :)

I wanted to comment on two things that I've found rather annoying of late: health care reform and the Nobel Peace Prize.

On health care reform, I'm at a loss. Despite all the doom and gloom and FUD, I think people are failing (once again) to get ticked off for the right reasons. Specifically, writing a law that says "though shalt have health insurance" is NOT a national health care plan. Look at how poorly states do enforcing their requirement for car insurance. Now the federal government is supposed to use a similar tact, nationally, for all people? Please. It's complete bullocks, and I really think this thing should be put out of our misery. Basically, my taxes are going to be increased so that the federal government can do... what exactly?

On the Nobel Peace Prize, I'm at a bit of a loss to explain how a president who's served less than a year in office can win it. What has he done? I mean, I'm all for supporting President Obama, but his win here greatly cheapens this award. By all rights, he should have thanked the committee for their support and good intentions and then turned it down. Seriously. A prize unearned is no prize at all. I'm very disappointed in the Nobel committee.

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