Humor: A Movie Never Made

Trying to be a little funny... perhaps trying too hard... :) In response to my lament that some group called the "Manhattan Airport Foundation" wants to level Central Park to make it into an airport (see this story) came the following exchange on twitter today:

@cunningpike: It's for the next Billy Crystal/Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan vehicle - a blend of "You've Got Mail", "Forget Paris" and "Terminal"

@falconsview: is it called "Forget Terminal Mail Velocity"? :) a love story of spam and phishing? :)

@falconsview: Crystal writes them poorly [ed. "them" being spam/phishing messages], Ryan falls in love w their oddness [ed. "their" being the messages], Hanks is the foil and bf of Ryan, completing the triangle? :)

Hey, I thought it was funny... @cunningpike was moved to tears (cunningpike: Beautiful. Poetry. It's bringing tears to my eyes). :)

(Hat tip to @cunningpike for seeding the idea.:)

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