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A Cloud Hangs Over the Expo

I almost thought I'd see a vendor weep today. Despite official tweets to the contrary, the Expo is not very busy. I'd say the vendors outnumbered attendees this afternoon by at least 2-to-1, and if you remove the press from the attendees, that number is probably more in the 3-5 to 1 range. In other words, it's going to be interesting to see what happens next year after vendors take a hit this year. RSA is not a cheap show to exhibit at, and to have such low turnout can be brutal.

Because of the late hour, I'm not going to do vendor blogs today. Hopefully Th/Fri I'll have time to catch up on those. Suffice to say, there are way too many USB devices, none of which are very interesting. I did, however, have a chance to chat with Alert Enterprise, winner of the Innovation Sandbox earlier this week, as well as Solera Networks, a competitor to NetWitness.

In terms of talks, I briefly sat in on the Cryptographers Panel, but quickly grew bored of the material duplicated from last year. In the afternoon I attended the "Groundhog Day" panel with David Mortman, Martin McKaey, Ron Woerner, and Rich Mogull, moderated by Mike Rothman. In other words, a very fun group! I attempted to live-tweet the panel, with moderate success. You can read those posts here.


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