First Kettlebell Workout in 5+ Weeks... Oof!

I finally got a chance to work out yesterday after laying off for about 5 weeks thanks to the baby. First of all, wow, it is amazing how heavy the 24kg kettlebells feel, no matter how heavy the 32kg bells are. Second, gosh am I ever sore today (the day after)! :) It's a good kind of sore, though. The workout entailed:

  • Single-hand swings w/ 24kg to warmup

  • 2-hand anyhows w/ 24kg and 16kg kbs

  • side press with 24kg

  • deep squats with 2 32kg kettlebells

  • single-leg deadlift with 2 32kg kettlebells

  • pullups

  • swings to cool down

I look forward to the day that I can curl up 24kg for the 2-hand anyhows... :)

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