Free Topo Maps from USGS

Hey hey hiking/camping/outdoors fanatics! Guess what? You can now download topographical maps for free from the USGS. You can also order print copies from them for a few bucks, if you prefer. Cost of printing at home is your responsibility, too.

To get your topo maps, go to and click on "DOWNLOAD TOPO MAPS FREE!" on the right under "TOPO MAPS." If you're getting an error on the site, make sure to (re-)enable accepting 3rd party cookies (this is enabled by default in Firefox, but I usually disable it). I didn't have any luck in Safari, though I didn't play around with it much.

The nav site to pick your map is a mashup with Google Maps. It's pretty cool, actually, and could be very handy for those interested in some nice detailed hiking maps. :)

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