On DVD: I Am Legend and Definitely, Maybe

Since everybody else these days seems to be blogging about WALL-E, and since I don't plan to see if because I don't get it :), I thought I'd post a quick post about a couple DVDs we recently watched: I Am Legend and Definitely, Maybe.

This movie, I Am Legend, was rather strange and extremely disappointing. A couple friends had suggested it, saying it was pretty good. Well, I guess I have to disagree. It was boooooooring. And weird. Essentially, just another stupid vampire/zombie movie. It was like the movies (names fail me) set in London where an outbreak turns people into rage-filled zombies. The point is, this is a relatively old, lame, worn-out story line. Putting it in Manhattan really didn't help it at all, either. And the ending... it just sort of ended... in a rushed sort of manner... what was up with the ending? Oh, and, btw, who titles a movie "I Am Legend" and then names the lead character something other than Legend?

Conclusion: Don't waste your time or money on this one. You'll spend the first hour wondering what the point is, and then the last 30 minutes or so you'll think "is this ending?" and then, right as you think it might be getting interesting, *boom* Will Smith's character is dead and the movie ends.

My second DVD review is for a somewhat cute chick flick, Definitely, Maybe. This was a reasonably cute movie, relatively safe for the family (seriously - lots of cuts to avoid sex scenes and the like). Overall, though, I found the story generally predictable and formulaic. You can generally see the culminating points coming, though they do leave you hanging a little bit at first in a tip to the fact that life is messy and doesn't always come together neatly (though it does in the end here). My wife seemed to like the movie, which means that it'll probably be enjoyed by many people. And, to be honest, I wasn't bored by it (generally), so it couldn't have been too bad. :)

Conclusion: If you're looking for a light romantic comedy - especially one that is family friendly - then this isn't too bad a choice. The storyline will likely keep you amply entertained. And, moreover, there is a wide enough variety of pretty faces to intrigue just about everyone (Ryan Reynolds, Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz, Isla Fisher, Kevin Kline). You could definitely do much worse than this flick.

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