The Simulator Was Hung O'er the Doorway with Care...

One of my dreams for at least a couple years has been to purchase a Metolius Simulator. It's a training board for climbing that you can use for hanging and pull-ups to build arm and hand strength. I'm proud to say that I now have one hung in our new home! Woohoo! And, not only that, but it turns out that I'm even able to do a wide grip pull-up, despite being at a bloated weight these days!!! Even better. :)

Though I wanted a blue Simulator, the only ones REI had were green, so I settled for a grey+green one, and I have to say that it actually looks quite decent. Once we get everything setup and settled, I'll go around and take some pictures of the place for everyone to see - and I'll be sure to include a picture of my newest toy. :)

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