Brief Thoughts on American Idol

Totally off the security topic, but let me just say that, for once in my life, I actually found the American Idol final to be somewhat compelling. Why? Because I didn't care which David won. David Cook (the winner) has been drawing many comparisons to Daughtry (though is clearly much more humble). I think that he'll do well in a Pop Rock career. David Archuleta is also a very good musician, despite the naysayers. If anybody out there is familiar with Josh Groban, then they'll understand how David A. can have a promising and successful career in the music biz.

My 2 favorite moments from the final:
1) Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey, Jr. playing the role of the "Pips" to back up Gladys Knight.
2) David Cook dragging all the other finalists up onto the platform with him while he sang out the final song upon winning the competition.

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