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More on Cable Cuts, Maybe a 5th Incident

As mentioned here and here, the undersea cable cut situation is very strange. Even Bruce Schneier thinks so. And he's heard that there may now be a 5th undersea cable incident in the same region. If that ends up being confirmed, then this has to be officially classified as suspicious.

BTW, Iran is not offline, from what I can tell (Bellovin said as much yesterday, though Schneier mistakenly contradicts). See this blog post for proof. The comments in Schneier's blog are intriguing. I guess we'll just have to wait for more info, but this whole situation seems really sketchy. All I know is that our government had better not be behind it. I would not be surprised to learn some day that the cuts occurred to force taking the cables offline for service, allowing the NSA or CIA or similar to put splitters on the lines for monitoring.


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