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Leica Offers Perpetual Updates for M8

Leica cameras have a considerable cult following, and are often described as the best in the market. The Leica M8 10.3MP digital camera is no exception to this rule. It's spendy, but according to this Digital Photography Review, it's well worth the investment. Perhaps something to put on your wish list, eh? Not convinced?

Well, maybe this will change your mind: Leica has announced a perpetual upgrade program for the M8. According to the Leica site:

"All M8 ever built are suitable for this upgrade. We will take care about collecting the cameras and will also inspect and adjust all camera functions when carrying out the update, As a consequence, each LEICA M8 is given a two-years warranty after the upgrade as if for a brand new camera."
This means that you can invest in lenses and other support hardware and not have to worry about upgrading your camera constantly. Pretty cool innovation.

Hat tip to kottke.org.


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