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Post 200, Updates on "Teacher and the Bear"

First off, hooray me! :) This is my 200th post since creating this blog in January. Hopefully somebody has found a useful piece of information or two.

Now to the point of the hour... as I've noted a few times before, the story of the British teacher in Sudan, whose kiddies named their teddy bear after He Who Must Not Be Named, is quite an insane story. Well, there's a couple pieces of news today. First, she's been pardoned. Apparently not everyone in power in Sudan is a mindless religious zealot. Second, and perhaps more interesting, is this bit on CNN.com indicating that the whole flap was caused by a disgruntled former teacher who was trying to get the school closed down. Way to go religious zealots in completely missing the point of the complaint. Sheesh. Just underscores how incredibly insane this whole situation has been.


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