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Grab Bag: Chuckles, Hybrids, and Earphones

I'm feeling a bit hyper and expressive today, so part of the post frenzy. I've just read some very interesting things across multiple topics and wanted to share:
- New earphone line from Shure.
- Ford's diesel-hybrid concept car.
- And, first and foremost, a kind of funny cartoon:

Shure has released a new line of sound insolating earphones that improve on their e3c, e4c, etc, lines. The SE210 is equivalent to, and improved beyond, the e3c. I currently own a set of e3c earphones and think they're great. Check out this comparison chart for more info. Click on the links below to order from Amazon.

Shure SE210
Shure SE530

Ok, so enough about earphones. Let's talk about something really, really, really cool: diesel hybrids! They're coming (just not fast enough). I'm very excited about this Ford concept car, revealed last year (2006). You can check out more information on it from the following links. Suffice to say that it gets awesome mpg and is just nifty, not to mention cool looking. I keep hoping that Honda will come out with a diesel hybrid (Civic or, better, Element). Only time will tell, I guess. In the meantime, I'll be paying off our Civics and hoping that one of these hybrids will land in the next couple years. I should also know by then whether or not I'll need towing capacity. :)

Wikipedia: Ford Reflex
gizmag: Ford's diesel-electric hybrid Reflex Concept features solar panelling


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