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Education As Threat to National Security

Give me a break. Seriously. This just in! The most successful suicide bombers from Palestine also have been among the better educated. Shocking. Actually, it's tragic. Why? Because these people are so backed into a corner that they're now sacrificing their best and brightest to fight against the oppression of Israel, a country that stands in defiance of multiple U.N. resolutions, and yet remains close ally to the United States.

If anybody doesn't think that all Islamic radical terrorism stems from this single conflict, then you need to get better educated. Quit relying on the load of tripe being fed to you by the mass media. Ignore the Bush administration completely -- who's own lawlessness has been used as a rationale for similar lawlessness abroad. Read former President Jimmy Carter's book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid for a full run-down of Israel's violations. And read counter-position sources to get a better understanding of the situation.

The problem with Americans, it seems, is that we look at how American Indians responded to invasion and eventual defeat, allowing themselves to be put onto reservations and living out their lives in futile peace. We seem to expect the Palestinians to do the same. Except there are some major differences. For one thing, there was not actually a war for the land -- it was granted by the U.N. (creating this problem, really) in recognition of Israel's history in the region. But, let's also remember that, while some Israelis were forced out of the region, really it was more that they ran away from conflict, or took advantage of opportunities to spread abroad.

Now, look at the Palestinians. Despite specific rules put in place in the original 1947 agreement, as well as specific lines drawn on the map with additional (or reinforcement of) rules, they have been allocated lands. Lands that are currently under active attack by Israel.

Put yourself in their shoes, for a minute. I know, it's difficult for most people to do, but try. Imagine that the U.N. were to come in and tell you tomorrow that the majority of the United States should be under the control of the American Indian tribes. In fact, the majority of land will be allocated to them, but save for the major cities. Well, except for New York, Chicago, and LA. Those you'll have to share. Then, the American Indians build up armies and begin entering into the cities that they have not been allocated and start forcibly taking over lands, buildings, economic structure, etc.

If you were being forced out through violent, inhumane acts, would you not fight back?!? Be honest! Wouldn't you protect your families? Wouldn't you howl about the injustice?!?

This is what it is to be Palestinian in Palestine today. And we feign surprise when they fight back. Please. Don't believe the distorted view portrayed by the media. Don't believe the lies that Bush and friends have told. Israel is perhaps the greatest catalyst today threatening global security.


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