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Steady Improvement, But...

Well, today is Day 4 of "the stomach bug from hell." Spoke to the doctor's office yesterday, this is apparently the bug du jour this year. Loverly. I honestly cannot remember ever being this sick before. So, at their recommendation, made use of Imodium yesterday to allow myself a respite from certain symptoms. This seems to have helped, and carried through to today, though I had the wonderful side effect of heartburn all afternoon. *sigh* Even when I win, I lose.

Did manage to eat a few mild solids yesterday... toast, banana, chicken noodle soup, oatmeal... all promising signs... I'm having terrible cravings for bad foods, like a McDonalds sausage egg mcmuffin, or a Burger King double bacon cheeseburger. This tells me my body is probably craving a couple things: protein and dairy. Will make efforts to increase protein intake today (appeasing my achy muscles, I hope). As for dairy, we'll see. Maybe I'll get brave later and try a quick run to BK. Or not.


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